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Training Employees

HBTF Seeks and attracts talents capable of adapting to new trends in the banking sector worldwide. We take special care in providing high quality training to meet various business challenges.

Staff training includes various development programs which aim to enhance the work, skills of the staff, thereby allowing them to provide superior and unrivaled banking services when compared to other players in the local and Arab markets.

Moto of Training

  • To equip our staff with necessary knowledge and skills required to provide better banking services and to bridge the knowledge gap
  • To make our staff feel confident about their work
  • To make our staff understand and address all the customer's need
  • To make our staff work in way that saves time, reduces operational cost and improves processes
  • To make our staff aware of all the existing processes and the latest developments of the banking sector
  • To make our staff achieve excellence in the midst of the existing cut throat competition
  • To improve our staff's inbuilt leadership skills and ability to adapt to changes

Trainings and Training houses:

HBTF meets the training needs and requirements of its staff by :

  • Organizing various in-house training courses at the training center of the bank
  • Making its staff participate in various conferences and courses offered by reputed Arab and foreign consultancy and training bodies
  • Teaching the English language to enable them to communicate with foreign customers and to keep them informed of the latest development in the  banking industry.
  • Developing personal computer skills to create a new culture based on electronic environment
  • Adopting a qualification policy to improve their academic, professional and technical standards

This leads improving the standard and overall performance of the bank.

The training center is located within HBTF commercial complex building with five training halls equipped with the state-of-the-art audio visual equipment and two special laboratories with the latest computer devices. The training center also has a library that contains the latest banking and financial periodicals and books so as to keep the employees up to date with all   the latest banking practices.​