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Working at HBTF

HBTF focuses on its employees, offering careers rather than jobs. There are various innovative initiatives to transform employees into valuable assets and value adding.

All our training sessions are best-in-class programs. We also carry out a cultural on-boarding exercise.

HBTF has established an intensely rooted policy for employment and training. Summarized as follows:  

  • On-board talents with high standard of performance and experience, in addition to high academic qualifications with excellent academic records
  • Attract a qualified candidates with an excellent academic record Conduct special tests for Our potential candidates to ensure suitable professional and self-inherited interpersonal skills
  • Develop the academic knowledge and practical skills for our present staff to meet the work requirements which will end up achieving the bank goals and objectives.

Our main aim is to enhance employee levels of skills, knowledge, and abilities.

The HBTF staff are provided with competitive remuneration packages that include additional benefits over and above the basic salary for HBTF employees with special rewards for HBTF's top performers. All employees are subject to a transparent appraisal system that, along with the remuneration system, is considered among the best systems in the banking industry

The comprehensive restructuring program implemented by HBTF aims to:

  • Adopt an advanced organizational structure based on customer focus
  • Focus on income generating banking activities.
  • Develop and upgrade the internal work environment with all its systems, policies, procedures and goals focusing on automation.
  • Enhance employees' productivity and rationalize the work procedures, which will lead to cost-effectiveness, increase of revenues and consequently to achieve the bank's strategic goals represented by boosting profitability and return on investment​