Use your Mastercard (Credit and/or Debit) for your local and international purchases and

enter the draw to win one of two fully paid packages for two to attend the

UEFA Champions League Final Istanbul 2020 – for 4 days/3 nights.


  • The campaign will start on 10/3/2020 till 30/4/2020
  • The more you use your card to purchase the more chances you have to win.
  • Use your card for your international purchases and double your chances to win.
  • Issue a Mastercard credit to raise your chances to win
  • The prize is fully paid for two and all-inclusive of airline tickets, hotel accommodation,

          meals, transportation and tickets to atend UEFA Champions League Final Istanbul 2020,

         in addition to prepaid card charged with $250.

Use your card now, or apply for Mastercard from Housing Bank and be one of our


  • Cash withdrawal transactions are excluded from this campaign.
  • For terms and conditions Click here